Gary Gillard

Coaching Level: Level 2

Coaching Licence: Snooker: Overseas Coach


Area: New Zealand

Date graduated as a WPBSA Coach: May 2012, at the Crucible, Sheffield.

Details of current coaching activities: I am the Head Snooker and 8 Ball Coach for New Zealand, a position I have held for 4 years. Apart from conducting in excess of 25 seminars (600+ attendees) per year, I am responsible for organising and liaising with the other 44 coaches that New Zealand has.

Hobbies and Interests: Snooker, pool, riding my BMW 1150RT motorcycle, travel and backgammon.

Why did you get involved in coaching? I have played for 25 years to a high standard (NZ Standard) and participated in nine world amateur championship events (twice making last 32), this is still a big part of my life. However it was becoming more and more obvious that people were asking my opinion of what they were doing wrong. So when the opportunity came along to study some coaching methods, I was into it. From there it has grown.

I enjoy the satisfaction gained from being able to help people of all ages and standards improve their game, and therefore get further enjoyment from those improvements.

I love the challenge of finding the quickest route to the core problem. Getting the player back up to full speed as soon as possible. Being a player I know how frustrating it is to go through a prolonged period of poor form, so my job is to cut that to a minimum and get the players back to his/her winning ways playing the best snooker they can play.

Brief summary of your coaching experience: 25 years of playing up to international level has given me the opportunity to meet and study several of the world’s best coaches. I therefore have been coaching “unofficially” for that period of time.

I qualified as a WPBSA Snooker Coach in May 2012 and I look forward to many years of helping players perform at their best level.


Christchurch, New Zealand