Here is what some of the candidates who have completed our coaching programme have had to say:

“I thoroughly enjoyed the day which was well run by Chris and Andrew.  It was great to be on the other side of the playing game seeing all the hard work that goes on at grass roots via the Scottish Snooker association led by Paul Marinello and Anne Totten.

“Sometimes as a busy player on tour you become embroiled in your own world which is great, but it does you good to see the great work being put in by everyone to ensure the game gets back on track across Great Britain.  It was also good to meet up with all the people on the course and see their passion for snooker in Scotland which I will support whenever possible in the future.” – John Higgins

“I found the day to be very well delivered and very informal which gave every one of us a chance to learn in line with our own level of knowledge and experience.  As a professional you have the knowledge but not necessarily the coaching or teaching skills for people to take on board what you want them to learn, this course has given me a great start for children to hopefully do that and become better players.

“I’ve been coaching with Davy Johnston for 12 months and this now gives us a real direction to move forward using the white to black scheme knowing we’ve got the full support of Chris Lovell and Andrew Highfield together with the WPBSA and Scottish Snooker behind us – A great day was had by all.” – Anthony McGill

“A very professionally delivered course which was relaxed and light hearted.  It gave me an insight into how to pass on my snooker skills to others so we can help the game grow in Scotland.” – Marcus Campbell

“The initial course was a very enjoyable and educational four days, with the fantastic honour of spending a day with Steve Davis, picking his snooker-brain. The course gave us the motivation, skills and the knowledge to compile the evidence needed for the coaching assessment.  It was hard work but now I’ve qualified, a whole world of opportunities has opened up.  I’m proud to represent the WPBSA and can’t wait to meet new people and help them improve their snooker!” – John Bastow

“I learned step by step about how to go about being a WPBSA World Snooker coach and the course gave me the tools to build up a viable business! It was fantastic to learn from certified WPBSA world class coaches! It has given me the tools and opportunity to become one myself (with a bit of experience). They have made me feel welcome and a valuable member of the team and offer on-going training and support! It was an amazing experience!” – Sefton Payne

“The 1st4sport qualification adds another layer of professionalism to the WPBSA’s coaching programme. It reinforces the need for planning, review and evaluation to be built into the process which is necessary to develop clients and yourself effectively.” – Rick Williams

“I am really happy that I attended the 1st4sport Level 2 Snooker Course and I would recommend it to everyone who is passionate about the game and wants to become a certified coach.

The course itself was well organised and Andrew, Chris and Steve made us feel welcomed. They were happy to share their knowledge and answer all of our questions.

After the course and certification I have felt more confident coaching my own participants and I have also improved my own game.” – Muris Katanic