Monitoring and Anti-Corruption

The WPBSA has built up an international network to combat the risk of corruption in the sport. This includes a partnership with the International Centre for Sports Security in Qatar and the WPBSA monitor betting patterns worldwide. We work closely with the Gambling Commission, other regulators and betting operators worldwide.

The WPBSA works in partnership with Quest who provide an Integrity Unit and confidential contact lines. The Integrity Unit will assess and analyse information received on a confidential basis, reporting to the WPBSA Disciplinary Committee chair any matters that it considers may require further investigation and regulatory action.

Through the network of contacts and working with partners the WPBSA will usually be made aware of suspicious betting patterns in relation to a match before it is played. The message is that if a player seeks to provide inside information to persons in order for them to make money through betting, or manipulate any aspect of a match, they will be caught and will be dealt with under the WPBSA Members Rules Betting Rules, where the maximum penalty is a life ban from any involvement with the sport.

The WPBSA welcomes any information relating to corruption in snooker or billiards, including information on match fixing, gambling in snooker or billiards by participating players, or any other information relating to attempts by potential corruptors to compromise the players or match officials in any manner. Such information can be passed to the Integrity Unit either through a confidential email:

The identity of any person sharing information will be kept strictly confidential and will not be revealed to anyone without the specific permission of the person providing the information.

The WPBSA are developing education for players, coaches and officials on integrity and corruption issues. New players on the tour complete an induction process including an input on integrity and corruption.

The WPBSA is a member of the following groups: