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During the past year we have seen leading snooker officials including Jan Verhaas and Olivier Marteel answer your questions here at as part of our series of ‘Ask the Ref’ features.

Next up in the hotseat will be Welshman Paul Collier, who over the next few days is due to complete his career ‘triple crown’ of having already refereed the finals of the World Championship and Masters events, prior to taking charge of the showpiece match for the first time here in York.

But this will be an ‘Ask the Ref’ with a difference! Behind the scenes the WPBSA Rules Committee are currently undertaking a full review of the Official Rules of the Game to evaluate whether there are any areas that could be updated to ensure that they are as clear as possible. The aim of this exercise is not to make fundamental rule changes, but to make them easier to understand for those within the game.

If you have any suggestions, or areas of the Rules that you think could be reworded, get in touch via our contact form and Paul will feedback on some of the best answers in the near future!