Race to the Masters

This list is the 'Race to the Masters', which covers the period up to the conclusion of the Cazoo UK Championship on 21 November 2022. The top 16 on this list following that date will automatically qualify for the 2023 Cazoo Masters.

*Note that for the 2020/21 column all points earned from the start of that season, up to the 2020 UK Championship have already been deducted as those points will no longer count following this cut-off.

**Note that Neil Robertson will be seeded number one as defending champion and Ronnie O'Sullivan number two as world champion.

While a player remains in a tournament their points tally will be displayed in green. Once a player is out of a tournament, their points for that event will be displayed in red to reflect that they cannot increase that total. Should a player win a tournament, their points tally will be displayed in blue.