Coaching Partnership Scheme

The WPBSA Coaching Partnership Scheme provides all WPBSA Snooker Coaches and our approved coaching partners the opportunity to work together and share resources. These include coaching aids, training programmes, supply services and professional services.

If you would like to join the Partnership Scheme and offer your services to our global network of qualified coaches, please contact our Head of Coaching and Training Development Chris Lovell through our contact form.

Chris Henry Sports

'The Balls'

The Balls are an invention by expert coach Chris Henry and are a result of neuroscience research into how the brain develops mechanical and visual habits.

The Balls allow players to practice and develop these two skills and habitualise them within a tight tolerance level.

The Balls include a set of two 17g balls, a cue ball and an object ball. All customers receive access to the detailed instructional online videos


  • Wholesale prices available
  • Two for one discount on first purchase
  • Advice and expertise through online videos
  • Affiliate links with 15% commission

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