Child Protection Policies

The WPBSA takes its responsibility surrounding the protection of Children who receive coaching from WPBSA accredited coaches very seriously.

The WPBSA Coaching Licencing scheme has two levels for Coaches looking to coach in the UK, one for WPBSA Child & Adults Coaches looking to coach Children in a “Regulated Activity” and another for WPBSA Adult Coaches for those who are not looking to coach children in a “Regulated Activity”.

A Coach looking to perform a “Regulated Activity” refers to a Coach who is looking to coach a Child or Children, unsupervised on a regular basis (i.e. either once weekly or four times within a month).

WPBSA Child & Adults Coaches

All WPBSA accredited coaches who intend to coach children in the UK are required to undergo screening before they are permitted to become accredited.

These coaches are all checked under the Data & Barring Service (“DBS”), formerly Criminal Record Bureau CRB, before they are provided with their WPBSA Children & Adults Coaching Card. In the event that the check reveals a disclosure (an instance of a Criminal Record) the WPBSA will undergo a risk assessment having made all of the appropriate enquiries to ascertain the full circumstances of the situation disclosed, in order to decide whether or not it is appropriate to licence the coach.

The DBS checks are refreshed on a 3 year basis and all WPBSA coaches are required to make a voluntary disclosure of any instance of criminal activity in the period between checks.

In addition to the DBS check, all coaches are trained in the WPBSA child protection policies and procedures as part of each coaching course and they are required to adhere to the WPBSA Child Protection Policy. The Child Protection Policy section of the WPBSA Members’ Rules can be found below:

WPBSA Adults Coaches

If a WPBSA Coach does not intend to coach on a regular basis (as defined above) they are not legally allowed to undergo an enhanced DBS check and so the WPBSA are not legally entitled to undergo the same level of screening as we require for our Children and Adults coaches. These coaches will still have been trained in the WPBSA child protection policies and procedures and are also required to adhere to the WPBSA Child Protection Policy.

WPBSA Overseas Coaches

For WPBSA Coaches not based in the UK, the WPBSA does not provide any assurance regarding the appropriateness of that Coach providing tutoring to Children and the responsibility for adhering to local legislation is at the responsibility of that Coach. The WPBSA will note on our website any verified documents that we receive from any overseas Coach which refer to their adherence to local legislation.