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A record-breaking year for Hong Kong Billiard Sports has been topped with the most prestigious coaching award for its Head Coach.

Wayne Griffiths, son of former World Champion Terry, was named Coach of the Year for individual senior sports by the Hong Kong Coaching Committee.

The coveted award crowns an amazing year for snooker, which saw Marco Fu climb to fifth in the world rankings, and Ng On Yee crowned as Women’s World Champion and later secure the world number one spot.

Other notable successes during the year include Robbie Capito winning gold in the Asian Pool Junior Championship and silver in the World Junior Championship.

On Yee won the prestigious Samsung ‘Best of the Best’ at the Hong Kong National Sports Awards and Capito was named one of Hong Kong’s most outstanding junior athletes at the same event.

Coaching Excellence Awards have also been presented to assistant coaches Alan Wong and Michele Nip. This catalogue of awards points to the fact that Billiard Sports was the top performing sport in Hong Kong for the past year.

Since joining the Hong Kong Sports Institute (HKSI) as an elite sport in 2010, Billiard Sports, under the stewardship of Griffiths as Head Coach, has witnessed steady growth and enjoyed the most successful period in its history at Asian and World level.

In the same period, an entirely new development and Talent ID structure has been designed along with a training programme for coaches that has been accredited for the first time by the Hong Kong Coaching Committee.

Hong Kong Billiard Sports Control Council (HKBSCC) Chairman Mr Danny Mak said he was delighted by the achievements. He said: “It has been an amazing year for Billiard Sports as Hong Kong continues to punch above its weight on the world stage. I am proud of the work carried out by HKBSCC and HKSI and I congratulate all the staff, coaches and athletes on their excellent achievements”