Andy Walls

Coaching Level: Level 2 – 1st4Sport

Coaching Licence: Snooker: Child & Adults Coach


Snooker is my passion I love playing and helping others get the same enjoyment from there game.

I don’t have a magic wand but as your coach I will help you to learn this rewarding game.

I want to help you not just with your issues and frustrations, but show how you can self-diagnose and still learn when I’m not there.

Nothing in snooker is mystical it’s all logical (except the odd lucky shot lol ) and in that there is an answer to everything – Let’s find the answers together.

I have taught and coached in the RAF at the highest level in military weapons and field craft working with adults and juniors and now work

As a snooker coach I do one to ones and online sessions I am currently working with a Scottish professional which

Gives me much more insight to the mind of a tour player and the world of professional snooker you can also find me on YouTube at the Snooker shed.