Boris Lazarkov

Coaching Level: EBSA Level 1

Coaching Licence: EBSA Snooker Coach – Overseas


I have coaching experience only with two players since I finished the The EBSA Coaching course. I do the coaching in quite a small club with only one snooker table in a small country village of
Slavovitsa, Pazardjik area.
The first student is a real beginner who is very motivated. We started with the pure basics and he was very lucky to develop skills rapidly. He has no wrong moves layered in time and is getting more confident on shots from day to day.
The other player has some experience in billiard and we are focused to fix the basic problems in his technique. He understands the mechanics of the game quite well but still has few issues to deal
with the stand, the bridge, grip and the final backswing.


Plovdiv 4004, Bulgaria