Chau Hung NG

Coaching Level: Level 2

Coaching Licence: Snooker: Adults Coach


D.O.B: 07/08/1964

Area: North Yorkshire

Date graduated as a coach: 27/09/2014

Details of current coaching activities: I have only recently obtained my coaching certificate.

Hobbies & Interests: Having been a chef for over twenty years I have a natural interest in cooking. In my spare time I also engage in martial arts and motorcycling. My main interest is with snooker, I have spent over thirty years developing techniques and learning new skills in order to improve continuously, not only with the sport but also within myself.

Why did you get involved in coaching? My close friend, Alan Wong, is a grade A snooker coach and has inspired and encouraged me to become a snooker tutor myself. My passion and patience are both important attributes towards being a snooker coach

Brief summary of your coaching experience: Just recently obtained my WPBSA coaching certificate, however, I have advised fellow players at the Conservative Club on techniques and skills for several years. My plans are to coach young players imminently.


Knaresborough, England