Lim Chun Kiat (Marvin)

Coaching Level: Level 2 – 1st4Sport

Coaching Licence: Snooker: Overseas Coach


In 1989, snooker took over Chinese chess as my hobby. Driven by passion of this sport, I took 5 years of self learning before I won my first National U21 tournament and represented Singapore for the first time too, flew to Finland and Pakistan in 1994. Learning continues as I climb the local snooker ranking.

In 2002, I obtained a snooker coaching certificate conducted by Cuesports Singapore with a practical test to be passed before one can qualify for the certification.

In 2004, by chance, I started my coaching career. Till this date 2017, I have done numerous coaching for schools, companies, private individuals, clinics, exhibitions in hotel for special events as well as coaching local actor and actresses (in 2009) for a local TV Chinese drama. I also have students from different countries like Sri Lanka, India, Brunei, France, Germany, China etc. I’m coaching full time for years now while I’m still active in local national tournaments and league, taking pride that I’m still snooker rank number 1 in Singapore now (3rd January 2018).

I hope that with the recognition of WPBSA certification, I can reach out to more players, at casual or competitive level regardless of nationality, and bring out the best of you in this wonderful sport!