Matt Haworth

Coaching Level: Level 2 – 1st4Sport

Coaching Licence: Snooker: Adults Coach


Details of current coaching activities:

I coach mainly in the school in which I teach although I have been involved in Paul Hunter Foundation events and local snooker youth clubs in association with the Young People’s Service. I am looking forward to coaching players in my local area along with working in the Cue Zzone at World Snooker events.

Hobbies and Interests:

As well as a coach I teach music at a secondary school. I play in a brass band and enjoy playing golf. I also enjoy astronomy and have my own home observatory!

Why did you get involved in coaching?

As a teacher, I enjoy seeing people make progress at things that I love to do. This is why I wanted to get myself qualified as a coach so that I can help others to achieve their potential in the great sport of snooker.

Brief summary of your coaching experience:

I’m lucky to have helped many young players to improve their games within the Paul Hunter Foundation and Young People’s Service and hope this continues with players in my local area.


Langho, England