EASB Votes to Progress NGB Transfer

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At the 2016 EASB AGM, the meeting voted Yes to the motion that the Board of the EASB are given authority to agree to transfer the Sport England National Governing Body recognition to the EPSB. The EASB Board will now work to ensure that all requirements are met before finalising the transfer.

At the completion of the transfer the requirements to be met are that the EASB, who are already a legally recognised member of the EPSB, will retain all the benefits of NGB status and none of those will be affected. The EASB will remain responsible for running the Amateur game in England, will continue to be recognised as such by EBSA and IBSF and will continue to be the body that nominates players and officials to European and World Events.

Giving the status to the EPSB will give full credibility to applications for any funding and lend a much needed stability to the EASB. The EPSB of which the EASB is already a key member, recently announced its Whole Sport Plan which is a far reaching and exciting plan of projects that will revolutionise the amateur game in England and will be a model for NGBs around the world. (see: http://www.easb.co.uk/uploads/epsb-whole-sport-brochure.pdf )