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John Higgins composed the tenth maximum 147 break of his career in his second round Betfred World Championship tie against Kurt Maflin.

The run came in the 12th frame this morning and puts the Scot in line for a £40,000 bonus for the maximum, as well as the £15,000 high break prize.

It’s the first time Higgins has made a 147 at the Crucible and he becomes the seventh player to achieve the feat. Higgins’ perfect break is the first maximum to be made at the Crucible since Stephen Hendry’s contribution against Stuart Bingham in 2012. It’s the 11th in total to have been made at the Theatre of Dreams.

Prior to the event Higgins predicted there would be a 147 and stated that this year’s event could be the best ever in terms of standard.

Higgins said: “This will probably surpass any tournament with the standard you will see. Everybody will be giving it everything for a month solid and put the tough hours in. Everybody will be hungry, there will be nobody tired or jaded. They will all be going in firing on all cylinders. I really think it could be the best tournament standard-wise. Even though we might not have the crowd, I think it could be the best.

“Everything involved adds up to that. Mentally people will be giving it extra, because the event could have been taken away from them. Everyone will be sharp as a tack. It could break all the records in terms of centuries. I definitely think there will be a maximum break. There are only a select few players that have made one at the Crucible before. I think the whole situation and the crowd gets on top of you normally at the Crucible. I’d be very surprised if there wasn’t one or maybe even two this year.”

The break was officiated by Ben Williams, the third time he has presided over a professional 147.