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Former world champion Ken Doherty was in Eccleston, Lancashire recently to support the Paul Hunter Foundation.

The evening was culmination of projects in Chorley and Eccleston, funded by the healthy well being, prevention and early help service by the Lancashire County Council.

Over a 15-week period young people came off the streets to take part in bite sized fun snooker activities, with the winners receiving prizes such as a television, iTunes vouchers and watches.

On behalf of the Paul Hunter Foundation Chris Lovell said:

“It was a great evening and many thanks to Ken for his support. Our youngsters don’t always believe that someone of Ken’s stature is really coming to their youth club on a damp rainy Tuesday night in February, so when they see them in the flesh it’s such a rewarding experience for everyone involved. There aren’t many sports that can boast its top stars are still in touch with its grass roots but snooker can and that’s the respect Paul’s fellow professionals give his foundation

“Our thanks also go to the teams at North Lancs Training Group and the Wellbeing, Prevention and Early Help Services, together with Steve Mallender and David Horrix for their support delivering the sessions.”