New Study on Snooker Benefits for Older Generation

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A new study has been published by Rohit Sagoo, Senior Lecturer at Anglia Ruskin University which investigates the benefits of participating in snooker for the well-being of older people.

The work is the latest publication by Sagoo who in 2017 released a groundbreaking paper analysing the effect of snooker on cognitive development and mental health and has since continued to investigate the benefits of our sport on a wider basis.

“There are many promising results that promote snooker as a leisurely activity for older people. The results have also indicated an improvement in older people’s well-being over the course of the snooker activity…this signifies that playing snooker can indeed be made an important factor in developing social integration and improving older people’s well-being.”

The project saw Sagoo work with six participants from Age UK Berkshire who were encouraged to play snooker for two hours per week for approximately eight hours, supported by a WPBSA World Snooker coach at the Twyford Snooker Club. Following this period each of the participants were invited to provide feedback with overwhelmingly positive results.

“You meet people. Doing this is something that gets you out too. It’s about developing a new skill, something that hadn’t dreamt I’d ever, ever attempt in my entire life and kept at it and I intend to carry on at attempting it [snooker].”

The WPBSA would like to thank Rohit Sagoo and everyone who participated in the study.

You can read the full study HERE.