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The WPBSA is pleased to announce that it has now signed up to support the Reach campaign within the UK.

Run by sports coach UK, the campaign aims to inspire more women across the country to get involved with sports coaching and to help ensure that female coaches are properly supported.

As part of its coaching programme the WPBSA is committed to ensuring that there are no barriers to anyone who wants to become a WPBSA World Snooker Coach through its accreditation programme.

Last year saw Rochelle Woods (who prefers to be known as Rochy), become the world’s youngest qualified snooker coach at just 16 and alongside hosting local coaching sessions of both snooker and billiards at the Maltings Q Club in King’s Lynn, she is also completing a BTEC course in sports coaching at college.

“I used to coach football before I took up billiards,” said Woods. “I love to see people enjoying themselves, the smiles on their faces and being able to deliver coaching in a different way to what other people can.”

“I feel that I am a good leader, that I get on with people and can deliver things easily rather than going down the route of making it complicated,” said Woods.

Woods hopes that others can follow in her footsteps in the future and although having to balance her snooker and billiards coaching together with full-time education and part-time employment, has no regrets:

“I think that I manage it quite well. It can be difficult at times because I am full-time at college. But you only live once!”

For more information on the Reach campaign you can visit their homepage or for more information on the WPBSA coaching programme please click here.