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Steve Davis, Chris Lovell and the Cue Zone Into Schools team were in Manchester recently at Salford City Sports College as part of the WPBSA’s grassroots initiative.

Children from Marlborough Primary School and Albion High School together with young people from the college’s Walkden Academy took part in functional snooker lessons with Steve and the team.

Chris Lovell said: “It was great to see primary, secondary and over-16 children all coming together with one main aim: to play snooker. It’s testament to the hard work undertaken by Salford coach Reg Davies, the school’s own WPBSA coaches Nick Chapman, Neil Hayden and Kelly McPhail, and supported by the Head of Sport Phil Abelo-Dolan.”

The college are using functional snooker to work with their local primary schools to develop English and maths through snooker.