South Atlantic Snooker in Tristan Da Cunha!

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What do residents of the world’s most remote inhabited island do to pass the time? They play snooker, of course!

Located in the South Atlantic Ocean, Tristan Da Cunha has a population of approximately just 254 people. It is 1,731 miles away from Cape Town in South Africa to the east and 2,486 miles away from the Falkland Islands to the west. A British Overseas Territory, it is part of a volcanic archipelago.

However, despite being cut off from the rest of the world in many aspects, the island is part of the ever-expanding global snooker family, with a snooker table taking pride of place at the island’s central social hub, The Albatross Bar.

It is not known when the table was initially installed, but it remains a popular attraction for locals.

Tristan Da Cunha holds an annual joint snooker and darts competition at the venue each year that the majority of the island gets involved in – whether it be to play or spectate.

Article by Michael Day.