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With just three events to go – two for those in the ‘Tour Survival’ battle – we preview the latest standings to see who is safe and who has work to do to remain on tour for the 2022/23 season.

Who stays on tour?

The following players will retain their professional places for 2022/23:

  • All players ranked inside the top 64 on the two-year ranking list following the 2022 World Championship
  • All players ranked outside of the top 64 on the two-year ranking list, who have joined the tour for 2021/22 on the first year of a two-year tour card.
  • The top four players ranked on the one-year ranking list, not already qualified as above.
  • Any player who qualifies for the Crucible stage (last 32) of the World Championship, not already qualified as above.

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Who will finish in the top 64?

The top 64 on the official world ranking list following the 2022 World Championship will earn a one-year tour card and retain their prize money earned for the 2022/23 season.

At the time of writing, Thepchaiya Un-Nooh occupies 64th position on the provisional end of season rankings with £58,000, meaning that the final figure could fall somewhere between £60,000-70,000 to stay on tour for next season.

The one-year four

Under the ‘one-year list’ route, the top four players taking into account prize money earned solely during the 2021/22 season, who finish outside of the top 64 on the main two-year ranking list, will earn a new tour card.

At the time of writing, those currently in place to earn tour places via this route are:

  1. Matthew Stevens (£28,000)
  2. Fergal O’Brien (£25,500)
  3. Ashley Hugill (£23,000)
  4. Allan Taylor (£23,000)

Amateur player Si Jiahui (£26,000) is excluded as he has already earned a tour card following his victory at the 2022 WSF Championship in February.

The four players who finish in these positions at the end of this season will earn a two-year card for the 2022/23 and 2023/24 seasons, but their ranking points will be reset to zero at the start of next season.

Who is on the first year of a two-year card?

Players who are safe due to being on the first year of a two-year tour card, are highlighted in green on the latest provisional end of season rankings page.

Those 31 players are:

  • Cao Yupeng, Andy Hicks, Wu Yize, Mitchell Mann, Yuan Sijun, Hammad Miah, Jackson Page, Peter Lines, Zhang Anda, Xu Si, Craig Steadman, Duane Jones, Chang Bingyu, Zhang Jiankang, Fraser Patrick, Gerard Greene, Louis Heathcote, Jamie O’Neill, Andrew Pagett, Barry Pinches, Ian Burns, Lei Peifan, Alfie Burden, Jimmy White, Michael Judge, Chen Zifan, Ng On Yee, Dean Young, Reanne Evans, Igor Figueiredo, Marco Fu

Should one of these players break into the top 64 on the two-year list (Cao Yupeng is currently closest to doing so), they will retain their place for next season via that route.

The Rest

The remaining players who are either ranked within the top 64 and close to the cut-off point, or outside of that group and not on their first year, are considered individually below:

Alexander Ursenbacher

Provisional EOS ranking list: 51st – £68,000 (+10,000)

One-year ranking list: 78th – £18,000 (-5,000)

Summary: Swiss star Alexander Ursenbacher will be targeting a strong finish to what has been a relatively quiet season for him to ensure that he remains inside of snooker’s top 64 at the end of the World Championship.

A strong run in Gibraltar (Pang Junxu is first up), or an opening round match win in Sheffield should be enough for the 25-year-old to cement his position.

Chris Wakelin

Provisional EOS ranking list: 52nd – £67,000 (+9,000)

One-year ranking list: 58th – £25,000 (+2,000)

Summary: Handily placed on both lists following a solid season to date, Chris Wakelin appears likely to begin his World Championship campaign in the second round meaning that one victory would see him add £10,000 to his total and all but confirm tour safety.

He will also take on recent WSF Championship winner Si Jiahui in the opening round of the Gibraltar Open.

Scott Donaldson

Provisional EOS ranking list: 53rd – £66,000 (+8,000)

One-year ranking list: 60th – £24,500 (+1,500)

Summary: In 49th position on the latest Crucible rankings, Scott Donaldson could gain a top 48 berth – and a place in the third qualifying round – with a strong run in Gibraltar.

Like those above him, Donaldson’s fate remains in his own hands with a first round match against Lu Ning in Gibraltar, as well as the big one in Sheffield to come.

Jamie Clarke

Provisional EOS ranking list: 54th – £64,500 (+6,500)

One-year ranking list: 69th – £21,500 (-1,500)

Summary: Just £6,500 – but ten places – above the top 64 is Welshman Jamie Clarke, who like those around him will be hoping to make sure of his tour position over the coming weeks.

Clarke takes on two-time ranking event winner Zhao Xintong in the first round in Gibraltar, while he looks set to begin his Crucible quest at the second round stage.

Stuart Carrington

Provisional EOS ranking list: 55th – £63,500 (+5,500)

One-year ranking list: 64th – £23,000 (+0)

Summary: Likewise for Stuart Carrington, who would need to reach the final in Gibraltar to gain a top 32 seeding for Sheffield.

He begins his quest against Scotland’s Dean Young and is another player in this group whose one-year list total as it stands is unlikely to be enough to keep him on tour, so will be chasing wins over the next two tournaments.

David Grace

Provisional EOS ranking list: 56th – £63,500 (+5,500)

One-year ranking list: 79th – £18,000 (-5,000)

Summary: Down in 79th position on the one-year ranking list, David Grace faces a tricky opener in Gibraltar with four-time John Higgins awaiting in his first match.

Once again, he will be targeting a strong showing in Sheffield to confirm his top 64 spot.

Lyu Haotian

Provisional EOS ranking list: 57th – £63,000 (+5,000)

One-year ranking list: 90th – £15,000 (-8,000)

Summary: China’s Lyu Haotian rose to as high as 24th position less than three years ago but with just £15,000 banked so far this season will need a strong finish to the season to ensure that he remains inside of the top 64.

Allan Taylor will provide his initial opposition in Gibraltar, while also looks likely to join the World Championship qualifiers at the second round stage.

Mark Joyce

Provisional EOS ranking list: 58th – £63,000 (+5,000)

One-year ranking list: 70th – £21,500 (-1,500)

Summary: An ever-present on the circuit since 2006, Mark Joyce will be hoping to extend his run by remaining inside of the top 64 once again at the end of the season.

He will face Northern Ireland Open champion Mark Allen in the first round in Gibraltar.

Oliver Lines

Provisional EOS ranking list: 59th – £61,000 (+3,000)

One-year ranking list: 42nd – £35,500 (+12,500)

Summary: Oliver Lines heads into the final tournaments of the season on the back of his best-ever ranking event performance having reached the quarter-finals of the Turkish Masters in Antalya.

Allied to his strong start to the season and Lines is already extremely well-placed on the one-year ranking list if he were to fall outside of the top 64, but will be hoping to keep his place in the top half of the rankings and with it his prize money total for next season.

First up for the 26-year-old in Gibraltar will be a clash with compatriot David Gilbert.

Kurt Maflin

Provisional EOS ranking list: 60th – £61,000 (+3,000)

One-year ranking list: 97th – £14,000 (-9,000)

Summary: With just £14,000 to his name on the one-year ranking list, Kurt Maflin finds himself just £3,000 inside of the top 64 and needing results if he is avoid a shock relegation from the Tour.

With the points from his World Championship quarter-final run in 2020 not due to fall until the end of the season, the Viking will begin his campaign in Sheffield a round later than most players around him on this list, with one win set to bank him £15,000 and all but guarantee his position.

Before them, he will begin his Gibraltar Open quest with a match against Scottish Open champion Luca Brecel.

Elliot Slessor

Provisional EOS ranking list: 61st – £60,500 (+2,500)

One-year ranking list: 47th – £33,000 (+10,000)

Summary: Next up can be found Elliot Slessor, who began his season with a bang by reaching the last four of the British Open to earn an early £20,000 which left him strongly placed on the one-year ranking list.

Like Oliver Lines above, however, he will be aiming to maintain his top 64 status, with a match against Michael Georgiou in Gibraltar next in his sights.

Martin O’Donnell

Provisional EOS ranking list: 62nd – £59,500 (+1,500)

One-year ranking list: 47th – £26,500 (+3,500)

Summary: Former Shoot Out semi-finalist Martin O’Donnell has been an ever-present on the tour for seven years but finds himself in some peril this spring as he stands just £1,500 inside the safety zone with two tournaments to play.

He will play former Welsh Open champion Jordan Brown first up in Gibraltar, with the World Championship to follow.

Sunny Akani

Provisional EOS ranking list: 63rd – £59,000 (+1,000)

One-year ranking list: 53rd – £27,500 (+4,500)

Summary: For Thailand’s Sunny Akani the position is much the same as O’Donnell above, with the pair having joined the circuit for their current stints in 2015 and now separated by only £500 in the provisional list.

For Akani however, there is one notable difference as he has not entered the field for the upcoming Gibraltar Open, meaning that he will likely lose ground to those around him heading to Sheffield.

Thepchaiya Un-Nooh

Provisional EOS ranking list: 64th – £58,000 (+0)

One-year ranking list: 56th – £26,000 (+3,000)

Summary: A ranking event winner just three years ago, Thepchaiya Un-Nooh finds himself on the brink of losing his position inside the top 64 following two difficult seasons since his Shoot Out victory.

However, his season-best cheque of £7,500 following his last 16 run at last week’s Turkish Masters could prove crucial, lifting him back into the safety zone on both ranking lists – but more victories will be needed between now and the season’s end if he is to stay there.

First up in Gibraltar will be a clash with local wildcard Francis Becerra, with an additional £2,000 awaiting the winner.

Andrew Higginson

Provisional EOS ranking list: 65th – £58.000 (-0)

One-year ranking list: 75th – £19,500 (-3,500)

Summary: The first player who finds themself currently in the red zone on both lists is Andrew Higginson – albeit only on countback as he is level with 64th placed Un-Nooh on £58,000.

With an unbroken tour spell stretching back to 2006, Higginson remains in contention to save his place but will need victories at the tournaments to come, with Turkish Masters champion Judd Trump first up in Gibraltar.

Tian Pengfei

Provisional EOS ranking list: 66th – £56,500 (-1,500)

One-year ranking list: 81st – £17,500 (-5,500)

Summary: One of a number of long-standing professional players currently in danger, Tian Pengfei has work to do if he is to extend his current 11-year stay on the circuit with two tournaments to go.

He faces England’s Jimmy Robertson in the opening round in Gibraltar.

Dominic Dale

Provisional EOS ranking list: 67th – £55,500 (-2,500)

One-year ranking list: 87th – £16,000 (-7,000)

Summary: Dominic Dale celebrates 30 years since turning professional this year but has work to do if he is to extend his spell into a fouth decade as he finds himself out of position on both ranking lists and winless since the UK Championship last year.

Louis Heathcote will provide his opening round opposition in Gibraltar.

Matthew Stevens

Provisional EOS ranking list: 68th – £55,000 (-3,000)

One-year ranking list: 52nd – £28,000 (+5,000)

Summary: Two-time Crucible finalist Matthew Stevens has spent much of the year mired in the Tour Survival battle, but crucially has found some momentum just when he needed it.

Of the £28,000 to his name so far this season, £19,000 has been earned in the last four tournaments, highlighted by his run to the last 16 of his home tournament the Welsh Open earlier this month, to move in line for a fresh two-year tour card at the end of the season.

He will of course though be targeting a top 64 spot to avoid his prize money total being reset to zero and will be looking to continue his strong recent form with a win against Ireland’s Michael Judge in Gibraltar.

Michael Holt

Provisional EOS ranking list: 69th – £52,000 (-6,000)

One-year ranking list: 71st– £21,000 (-2,000)

Summary: Another well-established player – and recent ranking event winner following his Shoot Out triumph in 2020 – Michael Holt knows that he needs a strong finish to the season if he is to retain his professional status next season.

Crucial wins at each of the last two events has seen him add £8,500 to his tally to remain in contention, with John Astley set to provide his initial opposition in Gibraltar.

Ashley Carty

Provisional EOS ranking list: 71st – £46,000 (-12,000)

One-year ranking list: 77th – £19,000 (-4,000)

Summary: One of two players to retain his tour card in 2020 by qualifying for the Crucible Theatre, Ashley Carty could find himself needing to repeat the feat two years later as he finds himself a further £6,000 behind Holt on the two-year list, £12,000 away from safety.

His best chance of course could come via the one-year list, with £4,000 presenting a manageable gap to bridge over two competitions. Farakh Ajaib awaits in Gibraltar.

Fergal O’Brien

Provisional EOS ranking list: 72nd – £42,500 (-15,500)

One-year ranking list: 57th – £25,500 (+2,500)

Summary: Ireland’s Fergal O’Brien survived via the one-year list two years ago and currently finds himself in the same position, standing second only behind Matthew Stevens of those players currently at risk outside of the top 64.

With big prize money to be won in Sheffield in particular, more victories will be needed, with Mitchell Mann first up in Gibraltar.

Gao Yang

Provisional EOS ranking list: 74th – £40,000 (-18,000)

One-year ranking list: 73rd – £21,000 (-2,000)

Summary: Former WSF Junior Open champion Gao Yang has shown glimpses of his talent during his subsequent two-year spell on tour, but again will need results over the next two events if he is to stay on tour.

With survival via the two-year list looking to be optimistic at this stage, he remains well in contention on the one-year list, just £2,000 behind the current benchmark.

Simon Lichtenberg

Provisional EOS ranking list: 76th – £38,500 (-19,500)

One-year ranking list: 102nd – £12,000 (-11,000)

Summary: One of two German players in danger this spring, Simon Lichtenberg faces a five figure gap on both ranking lists. His first opponent in Gibraltar will be Li Hang, with Lichtenberg also knowing that a good run could help him seal a top 80 seeding – and a place in the second round draw – for the World Championship, .

Like a number of players to come in the section of the list, a shock Crucible qualification could represent his best chance of avoiding Q School if he is to retain his tour card.

Allan Taylor

Provisional EOS ranking list: 76th – £38,500 (-19,500)

One-year ranking list: 65th – £23,000 (+0)

Summary: Level on points with Lichtenberg on the two-year list, Allan Taylor is in better shape on the one-year list, with his current total of £23,000 just enough to leave him in position for a fresh two-year card come May.

Of course, further wins will be needed if he is to stay there, with Lyu Haotian first up in Gibraltar.

Steven Hallworth

Provisional EOS ranking list: 77th – £38,500 (-19,500)

One-year ranking list: 106th – £11,000 (-12,000)

Summary: See Simon Lichtenberg above – with Fraser Patrick first up for Hallworth in Gibraltar.

Nigel Bond

Provisional EOS ranking list: 78th – £37,000 (-21,000)

One-year ranking list: 124th – £5,000 (-18,000)

Summary: See above – with Bond to face Chen Zifan first in Gibraltar.

Ashley Hugill

Provisional EOS ranking list: 79th – £36,500 (-21,500)

One-year ranking list: 63rd – £23,000 (+0)

Summary: Like Allan Taylor, Ashley Hugill is currently right on the bubble of the one-year list qualifiers, with the pair level of £23,000, just £2,000 ahead of closest chaser Michael Holt.

In 79th place in the latest provisional World Championship rankings, Hugill will be looking to secure a top 80 seeding in Gibraltar with a first round match against Welsh Open champion Fan Zhengyi ahead.

Ken Doherty

Provisional EOS ranking list: 80th – £36,500 (-21,500)

One-year ranking list: 92nd – £15,000 (-8,000)

Summary: Former world champion Ken Doherty has twice been the beneficiary of an Invitational Tour Card in 2017 and 2020 and again finds himself in danger of relegation this season.

Some £8,000 behind on the one-year ranking list, Doherty is somewhat within range of those above him, if he can produce a run at the upcoming World Championship.

He also faces a tough opener in Gibraltar against Shaun Murphy, with the Irishman currently on the bubble in 80th position, with the top 80 guaranteed a second round berth in Sheffield.

Zhao Jianbo

Provisional EOS ranking list: 81st – £35,500 (-22,500)

One-year ranking list: 94th – £14,000 (-9,000)

Summary: A CBSA qualifier two years ago, Zhao Jianbo finds himself in a similar position to Doherty above, with a match against English amateur Simon Blackwell first up in Gibraltar.

Lukas Kleckers

Provisional EOS ranking list: 83rd – £29,500 (-28,500)

One-year ranking list: 88th – £15,500 (-7,500)

Summary: As above, with world number five Kyren Wilson set to provide a tough opener in Gibraltar.

Rory McLeod

Provisional EOS ranking list: 84th – £29,500 (-28,500)

One-year ranking list: 95th – £14,000 (-9,000)

Summary: As above, with Alfie Burden awaiting him in Gibraltar.

Ben Hancorn

Provisional EOS ranking list: 85th – £25,000 (-33,000)

One-year ranking list: 91st – £15,000 (-8,000)

Summary: As above, set to face James Cahill in Gibraltar.

Aaron Hill

Provisional EOS ranking list: 88th – £23,500 (-34,500)

One-year ranking list: 112nd – £8,500 (-14,500)

Summary: Further behind on the one-year list, it is likely that only a Crucible run from Ireland’s Hill will be enough to avoid Q School, with Anthony McGill his first test in Gibraltar.

Lee Walker

Provisional EOS ranking list: 92nd – £21,500 (-36,500)

One-year ranking list: 104th – £12,000 (-11,000)

Summary: As above, with Zhou Yuelong first up in Gibraltar.

Peter Devlin

Provisional EOS ranking list: 93rd – £21,500 (-36,500)

One-year ranking list: 116th – £8,000 (-15,000)

Summary: As above, Xiao Guodong his first opponent in Gibraltar.

Zak Surety

Provisional EOS ranking list: 95th – £20,500 (-37,500)

One-year ranking list: 105th – £11,000 (-12,000)

Summary: As above, except Surety has not entered Gibraltar and so will almost certainly need to qualify for the Crucible to stay on tour.

Farakh Ajaib

Provisional EOS ranking list: 99th – £15,500 (-42,500)

One-year ranking list: 107th – £11,000 (-12,000)

Summary: Will face fellow Tour Survival contender Ashley Carty first up in Gibraltar, with a Crucible run likely needed to avoid Q School.

Jamie Wilson

Provisional EOS ranking list: 100th – £15,000 (-43,000)

One-year ranking list: 130th – £3,000 (-20,000)

Summary: As above, with 12-time world women’s champion Reanne Evans first up in Gibraltar.

Iulian Boiko

Provisional EOS ranking list: 105th – £12,500 (-45,500)

One-year ranking list: 110th – £9,500 (-13,500)

Summary: As above, set to face Xu Si in Gibraltar.

Stephen Hendry

Provisional EOS ranking list: 107th – £11,000 (-47,000)

One-year ranking list: 122nd – £6,000 (-17,000)

Summary: Has not entered the Gibraltar Open.

Sean Maddocks

Provisional EOS ranking list: 114th – £5,000 (-53,000)

One-year ranking list: 128th – £3,000 (-20,000)

Summary: Faces Soheil Vahedi in his first Gibraltar Open match.

A further update will follow the Gibraltar Open, while you can follow the Latest Provisional End of Season Rankings here at