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As UK Coaching Week 2019 continues, today we take a look at a case study outlining the work being carried out by WPBSA Coaching Consultant Chris Lovell with players from our World Disability Billiards and Snooker (WDBS) circuit and the World Women’s Snooker Tour.

Coach name: Chris Lovell

Case Study: David and Michelle Baker

“David Baker has been a regular player at WDBS events and as a coach I have been supporting him for the last two years,” said Lovell. “David set out with some ambitions goals with regards to his progression at events and aiming to win against other high profile players in his classification group.

“To date David has achieved those targets and we are currently planning his upcoming 2019/20 season. David’s determination and dedication to the game is remarkable. He practices every day on a new full size table which has been recently installed in his house and he plays in all of the local league events, winning three titles this season.

“David also promotes the game locally trying to encourage young people to get involved as well as supporting the women’s game. This includes encouraging his wife to pick up a cue and she has now been playing for just over 12 months.

“When Michelle came for her first coaching session six weeks before the Festival of Snooker at Leeds in April this year, her main objective was to win a match at a World Women’s Snooker event and break into the top 64 of the world rankings. She achieved this at the Leeds event and has since been progressing with high breaks and potting success.

What Michelle said about the coaching experience with Chris:

“He is patient, looks at your current ability to play and sets you goals and routines to help improve your play. He also corrects any flaws with stance and aim.”

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