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The WPBSA has announced the creation of a new initiative which will help officially qualified snooker and billiards coaches to access new resources to support their coaching delivery.

Launched alongside the all-new world governing body website, the WPBSA Coaching Partnership Scheme provides a recognised platform through which approved partners can make a range of services available, with discounts and promotional offers to members of our coaching network.

Chris Lovell, WPBSA Head of Coaching and Training Development, said: “This is an exciting development and addition to the WPBSA Coaching Programme and it is free to join.

“It gives coaching partners access to every certified WPBSA Snooker Coach around the world to showcase their products or service whilst maintaining their individual commerciality.

“It is a win-win situation for everyone interested in our sport and we look forward to welcoming new partners to the scheme.”

Chris Henry Sports

We are delighted to be able to announce Chris Henry Sports as the first member of the Partnership Scheme, offering exclusive discounts on ‘The Balls’, a unique training aid developed by expert coach Chris Henry.

The Balls are an invention developed following neuroscience research into how the brain develops mechanical and visual habits. The Balls allow players to practice and develop these two skills and habitualise them within a tight tolerance level.

WPBSA Coaches have access to a range of benefits including:

  • Wholesale prices available
  • Two for one discount on first purchase
  • Advice and expertise through online videos
  • Affiliate links with 15% commission

Chris Henry, founder of Chris Henry Sports said: “On behalf of Chris Henry Sports I would like to express my gratitude to the WPBSA for recognising our unique product and service.

“The Balls have been well-received and used by many of the professionals playing on the World Snooker Tour, together with WPBSA Snooker Coaches. This is a great honour for our company.”

Chris Lovell said: “It is great to welcome Chris Henry Sports to the scheme. The WPBSA Coaching team used ‘The Balls’ at our recent coaching course and received excellent feedback from the coaches taking part. Chris also demonstrated them at our most-recent coaching seminar at the UK Championship last year.”

Learn more about The Balls at the official Chris Henry Sports website.