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The World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association Group of organisations (WPBSA) has today announced the continued expansion of WPBSA Q Tour Global, the series which provides an elite pathway for talented snooker players around the world to earn their place on the World Snooker Tour.

The announcement follows the biggest-ever Q Tour season to date which saw 551 players (individual players taken from all the Q Tour regional ranking lists) from 44 countries complete 1174 matches across four continents.

WPBSA Q Tour Global will continue to grow over the coming 12 months, with an increased number of regional series’ each set to provide players for the season-ending Global Playoff.

WPBSA Q Tour Europe

Topped last season by former Shoot Out champion Michael Holt, Q Tour Europe will return with seven events for the 2024/25 season.

For the first time, the series will include four tournaments in mainland Europe, with the remaining three to be staged within the UK. The circuit will once again see players compete to finish the season as the top ranked player and earn a place on the World Snooker Tour.

The next 16-ranked players (to include each event champion) will be guaranteed to qualify for the season-end Q Tour Global Playoff.

Following player feedback, the match lengths from the last 64 stage onwards has been increased with each match to be played over the best of seven frames (including the final), with the last 16 moved to Sunday morning to accommodate this change.

As in previous seasons, 48 players (see below) will be seeded through to Saturday’s last 64, to be joined by 16 qualifiers.

The Dates

The provisional dates for this season’s Q Tour Europe are:

  • Q Tour 1 – 16-18 August 2024 – Northern Snooker Centre, UK
  • Q Tour 2 – 13-15 20-22 September 2024 – Bulgarian Snooker Academy, BULGARIA
  • Q Tour 3 – 4-6 October 2024 – Snookerhallen, SWEDEN
  • Q Tour 4 – 8-10 November 2024 – Club 200, UK
  • Q Tour 5 – 13-15 December 2024 – Vienna, AUSTRIA
  • Q Tour 6 – 10-12 January 2025 – Zurich, SWITZERLAND
  • Q Tour 7 – 7-9 February 2025 – Landywood Snooker Club, UK

All dates are provisional and subject to change.

All Q Tour Europe events in England will be held at official 147 Clubs recognised by the English Partnership for Snooker and Billiards.

The Players

As was the case last season, each weekend tournament will be made up of 64 players comprising the following:

The top 32 eligible players from the 2024 UK Q School Order of Merit eligible to compete.

Dylan Emery, Simon Blackwell, Iulian Boiko, Joshua Thomond, Paul Deaville, Daniel Womersley, Anton Kazakov, Joshua Cooper, Florian Nuessle, Mark Joyce, Lewis Ullah, Gerard Greene, Kayden Brierley, Umut Dikme, Sean O’Sullivan, Andres Petrov, Craig Steadman, Connor Benzey, Barry Pinches, Zachary Richardson, Josh Mulholland, James Cahill, Ryan Davies, Lee Daegyu, Alfie Davies, Hamim Hussain, Steven Hallworth, Jenson Kendrick, Alex Clenshaw, Andy Hicks, Rory McLeod, Harvey Chandler

The top 8 from the 2024 Asia-Oceania Q School Order of Merit

Lan Yuhao, Ali Gharahgozlou, Ehsan Heydari Nezhad, Kwok Wai Fung, Xiao Long Liang, Yang Gao, Amin Sanjaei, Muhammed Naseem

The eight highest ranked junior players on the 2024 UK Q School Order of Merit, not already qualified.

Vladislav Gradinari, Shaun Liu, Riley Powell, Steven Wardropper, Adam Abbas, Edward Jones, Oliver Sykes, Aidan Gallagher

Event Entry

The 48 qualified players will be contacted directly by email with entry instructions after 1 July. Each player will be required to pay a block entry fee of £525 by 12:00pm on 5 July and will be guaranteed a place in the last 64 of each Q Tour Europe tournament.

Following this date, subject to the number of players who have accepted and paid for their Q Tour Europe place, we will contact top up players as required until we have 48 confirmed players for each event. These players will have until 12:00pm 10 July to claim their place.

Open entry for all Friday qualifying tournaments will be opened to all players from no later than 12 July. We aim to accommodate all players who wish to enter; however, we do reserve the right to limit entries for each qualifier or to extend events to Thursdays subject to the number of tables available at the club and time available.

All entries are to be made via WPBSA SnookerScores.

Q Tour Global

WPBSA Q Tour Global will continue to incorporate regional Q Tour Series’ staged around the world as part of the planned international expansion of Q Tour.

Following last season’s inaugural Middle East, Americas and Asia-Pacific Series, each of these series will be expanded for the 2024/25 season. They will be joined by the CBSA China Tour which becomes a recognised part of Q Tour for the first time.

As part of the WPBSA’s commitment to the international growth of our sport, the leading players from these Regional Q Tour events will qualify to compete at the Q Tour Global Playoff, alongside players from Q Tour Europe.

Players competing in Q Tour events outside of Europe, must be resident for a minimum six months to be eligible to play in these events.

Further information

The 48 players eligible to accept a seeded place on Q Tour Europe will be contacted from 1 July with instructions on how to accept their place.

Further information, including open entry details and full entry packs, will be published as soon as possible.