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Following an investigation into alleged breaches of the WPBSA Rules by David John by the WPBSA Integrity Unit working with Sportradar Integrity Services and the GB Gambling Commission, a decision has been taken today that John has a case to answer.

This relates to manipulating the outcome of matches he was involved in since 2016 and failing to fully cooperate with the WPBSA enquiry.

Jason Ferguson, the Chairman of the WPBSA has taken the decision to suspend John from attending or competing on the World Snooker Tour. This suspension will remain in place until the conclusion of the hearing or hearings and the determination of this matter. John has the right to appeal his decision.

The matter will be referred to the WPBSA Disciplinary Committee where a formal hearing will take place at a venue and date to be confirmed.

Jason Ferguson said: “The decision to suspend a player with immediate effect is never taken lightly, however considering the seriousness of the alleged rule breaches in this case, I have no choice but to ensure that the long-term integrity of the sport is securely protected”.

WPBSA Betting Rules extracts:

2. Betting misconduct

2.1.2 Corruption: to fix or contrive, or to be a party to any effort to fix or contrive, the result, score, progress, conduct or any other aspect of the Tour and/or any Tournament or Match;

2.1.3 Misuse of inside information: to use for betting purposes, or to provide to any other person for such purposes, any information relating to the Tour and/or any Tournament or Match that the ember possesses by virtue of his position within the sport and that is not in the public domain or readily accessible by the public;

4.4. Each Member shall co-operate with the WPBSA in any investigation carried out by the WPBSA under the provisions of these Rules including (but not limited to):

4.4.1. Providing a written statement setting out in detail all of the facts and circumstances with respect to any alleged breach;

4.4.2. Attending to answer questions and provide such information at a time and place determined by the WPBSA

4.4.3. Providing to the WPBSA upon its request any documents, information or any other material of any nature whatsoever held by the Member; and

4.4.4. Procuring and providing to the WPBSA upon its request any documents, information or any other material of any nature whatsoever not held by the Member which the Member has the power to obtain.

4.4.5. Providing the WPBSA with access to all records relating to the alleged breach. This includes, but is not limited to; betting accounts, bank records, telephone records, internet service records, social media accounts, email and other records stored on phones, tablets, electronic devices, computer hard drives or otherwise. To facilitate this, the Member will surrender any such devices for examination by the WPBSA or its representative.

The full WPBSA Members Rules can be viewed here.