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Following the conviction of Liang Wenbo for domestic-related assault at Sheffield Magistrates’ Court on 9th February 2022 and subsequent sentence on 1st April 2022, the WPBSA has decided that Liang has a case to answer for misconduct under the WPBSA Disciplinary Rules.

The charges are that Liang Wenbo’s behaviour was unbecoming of a sportsperson and has brought the sport into disrepute. This is contrary to the WPBSA Members Rules and his contract with World Snooker Ltd to compete on the World Snooker Tour.

Jason Ferguson, the Chairman of the WPBSA has today, 2nd April, taken the decision to suspend Liang from attending or competing on the World Snooker Tour with immediate effect. This suspension will remain in place until the conclusion of the hearing or hearings and the determination of this matter. Liang has the right to appeal this decision.

Jason Ferguson said: “The decision to suspend a player with immediate effect is not one taken lightly. However, due to the violent and criminal nature of this offence, I have reached the decision that this is the only appropriate action to be taken pending the outcome of the formal disciplinary process.”

The matter will be referred to the WPBSA Disciplinary Committee where a formal hearing will take place at a venue and date to be confirmed.

WPBSA Rules and WSL Player Contract extracts

WPBSA Members Rules


1. General Obligations
1.1 Members shall, at all times (i.e. whether at a Tournament or not), behave in a proper and correct manner consistent with their status as professional sportsmen.

1.3 A Member shall not make or cause to be made any statement or commit or cause to be committed any act which in the reasonable view of the WPBSA is likely to bring into disrepute the games of snooker and/or billiards.

WSL Players Contract


3.1 General Obligations
In consideration for the Player having the opportunity to participate in the WSL Events by WSL entering into this Agreement with the Player, the Player shall:

3.1.5 Behave in a professional and reputable manner befitting a professional sportsperson.

The full WPBSA Rules can be found here.