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At a WPBSA Disciplinary Committee hearing before an independent tribunal on 9th June 2022, Robert Milkins accepted that he had breached the WPBSA Rules and his World Snooker Limited (WSL) Players Contract:

The facts of the case are that on Sunday 6th March 2022 after the opening ceremony for the inaugural 2022 Nirvana Turkish Masters, Milkins was very drunk and was involved in an altercation with guests at the Players Ceremony, attended by a number of high-profile dignitaries and event partners. He later fell and split his chin in the toilets and was taken to hospital where he had his stomach pumped.

This was damaging to the reputation of World Snooker and his behaviour was unacceptable. It was found to be a breach of the WPBSA Members Rules and his WSL Players Contract in that this amounted to conduct unbecoming a sportsperson and brought the sport into disrepute.

At the hearing Milkins apologised for his actions having demonstrated significant remorse for the incident and confirmed that he had made personal apologies to both event partners and dignitaries.

On 4th July 2022, the sanction imposed on Milkins by the Disciplinary Committee was:

  1. To pay a fine of £6,000; and
  2. To pay the costs of the Hearing fixed at £1,000

The WPBSA Members Rules

1.1    Members shall, at all times (i.e. whether at a Tournament or not), behave in a proper and correct manner consistent with their status as professional sportsmen.

1.3   A Member shall not make or cause to be made any statement or commit or cause to be committed any act which in the reasonable view of the WPBSA is likely to bring into disrepute the games of snooker and/or billiards.

WSL Players Contract

3.5.1      Behave in a professional and reputable manner befitting a professional sportsperson.

3.1.6      Not to do anything that may damage the reputation and goodwill of the Snooker Parties and the Partners.