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Last weekend, Xing Pai held an Opening Ceremony for the International Billiards Academy in Yushan, China.

Attendees at the ceremony included the Deputy Director of the Youth Department of the National Sports Administration, the Deputy Mayor of Shangrao City, the Secretary of Yushan County Party Committee, the Local Sports Bureau, the Vice Chairman of the CBSA, the CBSA’s Deputy Secretary-General Wang Xiaojiong, Vice Chairman of Xing Pai Group Gan Liantong, Beijing Sport University Professor Tang Jianjun and Ding Wenjun who is the father of Ding Junhui.

The were shown around the Xing Pai Factory and the Academy, including a new billiards training system called AR POOL. This uses computer artificial intelligence and multi-media augmented reality technology to apply the system to various sizes of American and Chinese pool tables.

There are a total of 42 students now developing their skills at the International Billiards Academy. They will receive full-time cultural education and special training in billiards vocational skills during the three-year course. The academy has theoretical classrooms, student apartments, library rooms, multi-functional lecture halls, gymnasiums and restaurants as well as areas to play snooker, Chinese billiards and American billiards.

The college has outstanding software and hardware facilities. Full-time academic education includes a range of courses in Chinese, English, sports training and human sports science. In terms of billiards special courses, in addition to vocational skills training, they also combine media, corporate management, production research and development, billiards multi-media and other social disciplines, so that students can cultivate many professional skills. Students will then enter society smoothly in the future, with a variety of options for employment.

The International Billiards Academy has been named by the CBSA as the ‘National Team Training Base of the CBSA’ and the ‘Comprehensive Training Base of the International Billiards Academy of the CBSA’. At the same time, it has been named the ‘Nanchang University Student Practice Base’ by the School of Physical Education of Nanchang University. It plays an important role in the development of Chinese billiards and the training of young Chinese sports talents.

Article by WST.