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WST is delighted to announce a new partnership with McCann Bespoke, one of London’s leading tailors.

The partnership’s first aim is to restyle referees. Tailored dinner and lounge suits, with consideration to style and function, have been crafted for the three referees at this week’s Cazoo Masters – Rob Spencer, Desislava Bozhilova and Jan Verhaas – and will be worn from Thursday’s quarter-finals onwards.

Other leading referees at upcoming events will be wearing McCann Bespoke.

The partnership will expand beyond styling the referees. McCann Bespoke are also working with players to provide them with style consultation and ultimately garments that will improve their appearance and performance.

Recognised as one of London’s leading and fastest growing tailors, McCann Bespoke has a strong affiliation with sport and has a wide range of supporters including cricketers Joe Root, Jos Butler and Sir Ian Botham, rugby players Elliot Daly and Henry Slade and official partnerships with football clubs such Leicester City, Queens Park Rangers and Celtic.

CEO and Founder Neil McCann, who established the company in 2002 has a lifelong passion for snooker and is thrilled to be involved with the sport for the first time.

He said: “As a massive sports fan, it’s an incredible opportunity to restyle the only sport where formal clothing is so integral and features so prominently. It brings together two of my passions in life: men’s tailoring and sport.

“Every player is a brand, and that can be enhanced by the way they dress. We want to help them to maximise their potential and the overall image of snooker – while keeping comfort and freedom as top priorities.

“The suit, bow tie and waistcoat are widely associated with snooker, but we also want to help players create outfits for tournaments which have a different dress code, as well as help them with their clothing off the table.

“There is a perception that bespoke clothing is very expensive, but in fact we are on a mission to democratise tailoring and make it accessible and affordable for everyone, and our pricing reflects that.”

WST Chairman Steve Dawson said: “We are excited to be working with a clothing partner as prestigious as McCann Bespoke for the first time. The contemporary and elegant new referee suits look outstanding and this will help us to build ideas on future dress codes. For the players, clothing is a way of expressing their individuality.

“At our biggest tournaments such as the World Championship, the smart attire of players is important as it reflects the heritage and reputation of those events. Throughout the world, the elegant appearance of our players is one of our sport’s great assets – and it is something that young players aspire to. But at other tournaments such as the Home Nations Series and the Shoot Out there is scope for alternative dress codes. We look forward to working with McCann Bespoke and the players and listening to their views as we evolve and look to the future.”

World number two Judd Trump said: “For a player, having your outfit perfectly fitted helps you feel as smart as possible when you are out there competing. And it’s important to feel comfortable, in order to play well.”

Ken Doherty said: “When you put your bow tie and waistcoat on it makes you feel proud to play snooker. If you feel smart then it helps your performance.”

Fellow former world champion Shaun Murphy added: “We hold high standards and that’s something that I’m proud of. Having clothes made to measure is vitally important for a player.”

Press release by WST.