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Since the publication of the new Rulebook for Snooker and English Billiards on August 12 and after several seminars with referees and referees’ examiners, the Rules Committee felt that an updated version was needed.

Jan Verhaas, Chairman of the WPBSA Rules Committee said: “This update was needed, mainly to fix a number of grammatical issues, but we also found that certain Rules were still open to mis-interpretation, so it was imperative to change the wording of those Rules.”

Changes have been made to the following Rules:

  • Snooker – Section 2 Rule 21 Miss
  • Snooker – Section 3 Rule 7(d) Spotting Colours
  • English Billiards – Section 2 Rule 18 Running a Coup

The newly updated Explanatory Notes will explain why these changes are made.

Please download the latest copies of the Rules of the game and the explanatory notes HERE.