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Following the outcome of the independent tribunal involving 10 players, WPBSA Players (the players’ association) acknowledge the decision of the Disciplinary Commission announced today.

The WPBSA Players Board of Directors is extremely saddened by the actions of all of those concerned who have been found guilty of such serious breaches of the WPBSA rules.

WPBSA Players has provided practical support to the players throughout the case to ensure that they all had a clear understanding of the process and received a fair hearing in front of the independent tribunal.

Each of the players will now face a period of reflection and need to come to terms with the impact their actions have had on their own careers, their fellow players, and the credibility of sport generally. WPBSA Players will continue to communicate with the players impacted from a welfare perspective and in line with the terms of the tribunal decision, facilitate them to assist the WPBSA in its anti-corruption and player education efforts.

WPBSA Players wish to acknowledge the work of the WPBSA and its partners in bringing the case to a conclusion and seeking to protect the integrity of snooker in the interests of all its members who continue to play by the rules with passion and commitment to the game of snooker.

Ken Doherty, chairman of WPBSA Players said, “This is an extremely unfortunate position these players and the game of snooker finds itself in but we must learn lessons from this and take positive action to respond to a constantly changing world by continually reviewing our procedures and helping to ensure that players avoid making the same mistakes in the future.”