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The WPBSA is today delighted to announce that the innovative new Snooker Quotient (SQ) Coaching Course is to be exclusively available to WPBSA Snooker Coaches and SQ Ambassadors for its first three months.

Developed by 1979 world snooker champion Terry Griffiths OBE and his son Wayne – a leading snooker coach in his own right – SQ was officially launched earlier today (Wednesday 28 April) by One Chance Snooker, on what is the 42nd anniversary of Griffiths’ famous triumph at the Crucible Theatre.

The SQ system joins the WPBSA Coaching Partnership Scheme and will provide players and coaches access to a global handicap and rating system for our sport. It is a system that is based on four key skill sets, with data collected over the last decade (at all levels of ability) and uses tried and tested routines that benchmark players in a simulated pressure situation. Players will need to complete up to 16 routines and submit videos via the SQ app to get an official SQ generated by the SQ algorithm.

This is a truly global initiative for our sport, and it has been designed to drive more business towards qualified coaches. It gives players, wherever they are based in the world, the opportunity to get help from newly accredited SQ coaches as they seek to improve their SQ.

SQ global leader boards and SQ progress tracking will allow players to compare themselves with other players from all over the world. For example, if you want to know which SQ member is the best female, U21 long potter in Asia, or how good is a professional’s cue ball control skill compared to yours – then the SQ database can tell you that!

Coaches who gain SQ accreditation will be able to find out all about the SQ method and how to use it to its full potential. SQ accredited coaches will also get to advertise their coaching services on the SQ website as part of their annual membership.

Exclusive Offer

Following an exclusive agreement reached with One Chance Snooker, for a three-month period until 1 August 2021, (except for SQ Ambassadors), the SQ Coaching Course will be available ONLY to qualified WPBSA Snooker Coaches to help to support their coaching delivery.

WPBSA Snooker Coaches can also benefit from the following exclusive promotion:

  • FREE SQ Coach membership for the first year (saving US$100)
  • 40% OFF the SQ Coach course fee ($150 instead of $250 for a one-day online course)
  • Four (4) FREE ISQ tests to get your own SQ before completing the coaching course**
  • Online marketing on whatisyoursq.com for SQ accredited coaches
  • ZERO COMMISSION on coaching fees earned through SQ website referrals
  • Coaches can join the affiliate network when it is released (Q3, 2021) to get further rewards and potential PROFIT SHARING on new members generated

Both the exclusivity and these offers will end following 1 August so coaches are encouraged to not delay to take advantage of this promotion.

Membership is open to all immediately.

Online places for SQ Coach training will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. For any coaches interested to find out more, or to sign up to secure this special offer, please contact SQ on the email below:


**Prospective SQ Coaches must sign up for annual membership with whatisyoursq.com (US $25.00)

“An Exciting Development for Our Sport”

Terry Griffiths OBE said: “For any player wanting to reach their full potential in our sport, Snooker Quotients offers the perfect solution. A range of key skills will be tested under pressure and based on these test results, will give players the opportunity to develop targeted improvement plans to build on strengths and overcome any perceived weaknesses.

“We feel that giving players the ability to compare themselves to others from all over the world will be a motivating factor in getting more players active in our sport. This in turn will lead to a greater number of players seeking help from qualified coaches.

“We are excited to work as partners with the WPBSA and we are very much looking forward to forging close relationships with active WPBSA coaches.”

Chris Lovell, WPBSA Head of Coaching and Training Development, said: “We are pleased welcome SQ to the WPBSA Coaching Partnership scheme. It is great for us to be supporting Terry Griffiths – one of the all-time greats of snooker coaching who has also developed our WPBSA technical blueprint – with his new initiative.

“SQ offers official snooker coaches an independent tool to initially test a player and then the opportunity through historic exercises to collect and analyse data to improve their performance. This is an exciting development for our sport and one that we are pleased to help make available to our team of WPBSA Snooker coaches around the world.”

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