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Delegates in Hong Kong successfully completed the online WPBSA Level 1 Coaching Course last month with the support of the WPBSA and the Hong Kong Billiard Sports Control Council.

Up to eight coaches, including former two-time World Women’s Snooker ranking finalist So Man Yan and current world women’s number 25 Chu Pui Ying, received expert advice from WPBSA Head of Coaching and Training Development Chris Lovell, former world number five Nigel Bond and leading snooker coach Andrew Highfield.

Organised as an introductory part of the WPBSA’s Accredited Coaching Course Programme, the course aims to provide initial training during year one, with a view to a leading local coach being able to deliver the technical aspects of the course in year two for their initial Accredited Coaching Course.

Wayne Griffiths, Head Coach for Billiard Sports at the Hong Kong Sports Institute said: “Both child protection and basic technical aspects were explained and exemplified in a way that made them easy to understand.

“This equipped all the new Level 1 coaches with more knowledge and confidence to address the basics with their students and in a more inclusive and safer environment, given the knowledge that was imparted on the child protection aspects of the course.

“The HKBSCC is very grateful to the WPBSA and to Chris Lovell, Nigel Bond, and Andrew Highfield for their support in delivering this course remotely to our lcal players and coaches.”

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